Energy Session for Human or Animal - $60

Energy sessions last approximately  60 minutes. We will discuss what you want to work on and how you have been feeling. If you would like me to work on a young child or animal, please tell me what you think is going on and how they have been behaving. For sessions with minors (anyone under the age of 18) and pets, a parent or guardian will need to stay with me throughout the session.  The energy system will be assessed, techniques will be used to clear, open and balance the energy system. Then the energy system will be reassessed. If the client wishes, gentle music will be played throughout the session. Essential oils, if desired, can also be used to help increase relaxation. At the end of the session, we will discuss what you may expect to feel and experience in the following days. We will also go over some things that you can do to keep your energy body healthy.

Energy Session for Multiple Humans or Animals - Price Varies

I can work on multiple individuals in the same location for less than $60 per individual. Typically, smaller and younger individuals who have fewer blockages will take less time to clear than a larger individual or someone who is experiencing illness. For example, it may only take a couple of minutes to balance the energy system of a relatively healthy young child.

Evaluation of Home - $50

If you feel drained or if you and your family experience conflict mostly when you are at home, there may be an energetic reason. Sometimes clutter, poorly arranged furniture or stale air can cause inhabitants of a home to feel tired or cranky. I can assess your living space and give you ideas of how to promote a healthier flow of energy.

Evaluation of Diet or Grocery Store Lesson - $50

There is so much conflicting information out there about what to consume. I can evaluate what you are eating and drinking from an energetic perspective and help you determine what in your diet may be causing you to feel low in energy. I will make suggestions about alternative foods that may provide you with more vibrant energy. This service is not to be used as an alternative to your physician's or dietician's recommendations for your diet if you are suffering from an illness. This service is for individuals who are basically healthy but wish to improve their energy by eating foods which are more energetically robust.

Besides what you are physically eating, I will also look at what else you are consuming energetically. This includes what you watch on tv and in movies, what you read, the music you listen to,  what you talk about routinely and where you spend much of your time.  The goal is not to critique you and your choices but to help you identify what in your life may be draining your energy and keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

If you don't know how to read food labels, don't know what is healthy versus what is hype or have trouble making good food choices while shopping for food, I can meet you at your favorite grocery store and teach you all  about what you are putting in your cart and in your body.


Individual Yoga Session - $80

I can create a yoga sequence specifically for you based upon your goals and come to your home to lead you through the lesson. Whether you want to stretch and open a particular part of your body or if you want to learn to slow down and relax, I can create a sequence that will help you to achieve your goals. I am trained to teach hatha, vinyasa flow, kriyas, chair yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. There's something for everyone.

If you are interested in an individual lesson, contact me and I'll help you determine which style may work best for you.  $80 is the price for individual lessons in Central Bucks or Central Montgomery County. Please inquire about  the price for an individual session outside of my local area and the price for groups.

To learn more about my yoga teaching style, click here.

Energy Parties - Prices start at $40 per person

Now offering  Energy Parties for groups of 6 to 10 people at your location. The parties include an hour yoga class (indoor or outdoor), a group meditation and a mini energy healing session lasting approximately 20 minutes for each participant. Energy parties can be customized.  Pick a theme or add the Open Your Heart Workshop or Find Your Purpose Workshop. Adding a workshop will increase the length of the party by about 90 minutes and the fee by $10 per person.  If your group would like to experience multiple healing modalities, massage and reflexology could be added for an extra fee.

If you've been wanting to try yoga but are hesitant to go to a studio as a beginner, energy parties are a great option for you. I'll guide you through an hour practice and teach you what you need to know to feel confident taking a group class. Energy parties are a wonderful way for friends to bond and share a healing experience together.

 No experience is required. You only need an open mind! I invite you to contact me today to plan your event.