Energy can not be created or destroyed,it can only be changed from one form to another. - Albert Einstein


What is energy work?

Energy work is a general term for various healing modalities in which the practitioner works to clear, open and balance the energy system of the client. Your energy system includes chakras or energy centers inside your physical body as well as an area around your physical body.

Who needs energy work?

A better question is who doesn't need energy work? Energy work is suitable for anyone with an energy body which is...everyone! The goal of energy work is to restore balance to the energy system so the client is in a place that allows him or her to heal. Whether you need physical healing or are having mental, emotional or spiritual issues, energy work may be a useful aid to help balance you. 

Energy work may be used for people and animals of all ages and stages of health or illness. It can reduce depression, anxiety, tension, headaches, stress and pain. It can improve immune function, assist with wound healing, improve sleep quality, provide extra support for individuals with chronic illness or who are in the process of dying. It can also assist those who are grieving, have experienced trauma or who are  going through a transition in their lives.

How can energy work help me?

Clients typically experience deep relaxation and a sense of well being during an energy session. Receiving energy work feels very good and can bring comfort.

Anyone who is experiencing physical or emotional pain may be given relief during and after an energy session.

Individuals frequently report that they feel more energized, focused and enthusiastic after receiving energy work. This is because most people have energy blockages which are cleared during sessions. Once a blockage is cleared, energy can flow freely through your energy system.

You may enjoy improved relationships with those around you after receiving energy work. Why? If you have energy blockages, you will likely not be your best self and that can lead you to be cranky, irritable and not much fun to be around. Once the blockages are cleared, you will likely be more open, happy, optimistic and clear headed which will not only benefit you but everyone you come in contact with.

How can energy work make me strong, powerful and beautiful?

Energy work could make you stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by removing blockages and congested energy which weaken you.

Real power comes not from controlling others but from being connected to your source and having abundant creativity and enthusiasm for life. When energy is able to flow freely through your system, you are connected to and benefitting from the universal energy that is in all of us.  

We've all seen physically beautiful people who have unattractive personalities. True beauty comes from the inside.  There's nothing more attractive than an individual who is lit up from the inside and has a sparkle in their eyes. Energy work can remove blockages and give you a glow that comes from deep within.

How quickly will I feel relief?

Most individuals will feel a sense of comfort and relaxation a few minutes after the session begins. You may feel calm and peaceful and start to yawn. Yawning is a sign that your energy is shifting in a positive direction. If you are experiencing a physical illness or a mental, emotional or spiritual issue, you likely will feel better with one session but your issue may or may not be resolved with one session. It really depends on the severity of the issue, the extent of the blockages and your body's readiness to release the blockages.

How would I know if my pet has energy blockages and needs energy work?

Many people who adopt pets don't know what experiences their pets had before they came to live with them. Some animals are abused, neglected or traumatized and those experiences could result in energetic blockages. If your pet has behavior issues that are not resolved with obedience training and your veterinarian does not see a medical reason for their behavior, you should consider energy work.

Energy work can also prepare your pet for surgery and help him to recover from surgery. Always consult with your veterinarian if you think your pet is in pain. There may be a physical cause that could be resolved with medical treatment. If veterinary care does not bring sufficient relief from pain, consider an energy session for your pet.

Is energy medicine an alternative to traditional medical or psychiatric care?

No. Energy healing is not an alternative to traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is a complementary therapy to be used in conjunction with physical and psychological care. Energy healing works on the energy body not the physical body. Please continue to see your regular medical doctor or therapist and continue to take medicine if they advise you to do so.

Remember, energy work is used to balance your energy body. It will likely calm your mind, make your body feel relaxed and possibly help to alleviate physical and mental issues but, it is used in conjunction with (not as a replacement for) traditional medical and psychological care.

If you work on my energy body, how would that help my physical body to  heal?

Your energy body impacts your physical body, your mind and your emotions. By removing blockages and allowing energy to flow properly through your energy system, your physical body is supported and more likely to heal. Also, energy work causes the physical body to relax and that relaxed state encourages the immune system and many other systems to function at a peak state. As an energy worker, I can't heal your body. I just clear and balance your energy system. Your body is infinitely more intelligent than me.  Once your energy system is functioning smoothly, your body will start to heal itself.

Do kids have energy blockages?

Some kids do have energy blockages. Ideally, children will go through childhood without experiencing any major illness, injury or trauma. But, few people are that lucky. Many kids suffer with recurring colds, ear infections, tonsillitis, childhood diseases, autism, attention deficit disorder, allergies and asthma. If your child has a particular issue that just keeps coming back, it may be an indication of a weakness in their energy system.

Always follow  the advice of your child's pediatrician first. If traditional medical care does not bring relief and you suspect an energy blockage, consider an energy session to support your child's body. Kids can also experience significant stress from bullying, being teased, struggling with school work and from the effects of their parents' divorce. If negative emotional experiences aren't properly processed, they can have a negative effect on the individual's energy system.  If your child has behavior issues that don't respond to effective parenting techniques, you should consider an energy session. Removing an energetic blockage could drastically impact your child's behavior.

This seems strange. I don't know if I believe in this.

That's ok. In our society, we are not taught about energy in school and it is a foreign concept to many people. You don't have to understand it or  believe in it for it to work. People have been doing energy work on each other for thousands of years in many cultures all around the world. If you are intrigued, give it a try. The best way to understand it is to experience the benefits for yourself.

Where do you do energy work?

I will come to you and complete the energy session in your home. Many people find it relaxing to  receive energy work in the comfort of their own homes.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

You will need to clear your schedule for about an hour. Silence your cell phone and other mobile devices. Make sure you have a comfortable place to receive energy work.  I will bring a portable table and will need a clear area in which to place it. If you have young children or dogs who may need attention, please have a friend babysit or puppy sit them for an hour. Dress in soft or loose clothing to maximize your comfort. You will need to take off your shoes but can leave your socks on. You might want to have a blanket nearby in case you feel chilly during the session.

What happens in an energy session?

We will sit down and go over how you have been feeling and what you want to work on. Then I will assess your energy system using a tool called a pendulum and by scanning your energy body with my hands. If you wish to listen to relaxing music, I will provide music and play it during the session. Throughout the session, I will use either light touch on your physical body or I will place my hands a few inches above your physical body. If you don't want to be touched, I can do everything with my hands away from your body. I will use various techniques to open and balance your chakras and then I will reassess your energy system to see if the techniques had the desired effect. As I work, you may feel things shifting. Feel free to tell me how you feel. If you want to talk, you certainly can. If you want to close your eyes and be silent, that's fine too. After I complete the techniques and reassess your energy, you can sit up and take a few moments to get reoriented. You may feel sleepy  or just very calm and relaxed. I'll ask how you feel and if everything feels good, the session will be over. If something is uncomfortable, we'll work on that before I go.

Can you work on more than one individual during a visit?

Absolutely! I can balance the energy systems for all the members of your household during one visit if you wish. When scheduling your appointment, be sure to tell me how many people and pets will be included.

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How I got started

I used to think "chakra" was a goofy term that only new age hippies from California used. In 2012, I was introduced to energy work when I was training to be a hospice volunteer.  I learned that holistic nurses were bringing great comfort to their dying patients with energy work. I was lucky enough to see first hand, a cancer patient become completely relaxed while receiving energy work from a visiting nurse.  Around the same time, I was in training to be a yoga teacher and I learned about the energy body from the yogic tradition.  It seemed that no matter where I went, I kept hearing about chakras, energy bodies and body work and I decided to open my mind to the possibility that energy really does have a tremendous influence on our bodies, our minds and our lives. 

I started reading everything I could find about energy and took formal classes to learn techniques to work on human and animal energy systems. I practiced for about 18 months on family, friends and my own pets before deciding to share this powerful work with the community.


"I don't understand how it works but, I feel so much better. Thank you!" - Samantha, Horsham

"Before the session, I felt tense. Around the middle, I got relaxed and everything feels really good now. It's  very comforting." - Andy, Hatboro